Publication Ethics

Author/Writer Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Ensure that those included in the list of authors/authors meet the criteria as authors/writers.
  2. Collectively responsible for the work and content of the article including methods, analysis, calculations and details.
  3. State the origin of resources (including funding), either directly or indirectly.
  4. Explain the limitations in service
  5. Respond to comments made by Bestari partners in a professional and timely manner.
  6. Inform the editor if you will withdraw your written work.
  7. Make a statement that the written work submitted for publication is original, has never been published anywhere in any language, and is not in the process of being submitted to another publisher.

Author Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The author wrote the manuscript/article based on an accurate original service report.
  2. The author writes every reference used in the manuscript according to the rules of scientific writing.
  3. The author must ensure that the manuscript written is free of plagiarism.
  4. Authors can ensure that the submitted manuscript has never been published in other media, and is not being sent to another journal.
  5. Authors must agree on the role of each contributor in writing the article and have previously agreed on writing the main author and co-authors.
  6. The author ensures that service activities are carried out in accordance with the code of ethics
  7. When authors discover significant errors or inaccuracies in their published manuscript, the author has an obligation to immediately notify the journal editor or publisher and work with the editor to retract or correct it.

Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers

  1. Reviewers must keep all information regarding the paper confidential and treat it as privileged information.
  2. Reviews should be conducted objectively, without personal criticism from the author
  3. Reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments
  4. Reviewers should identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the author.
  5. Reviewers should also request that the Editor-in-Chief note any substantial similarities or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and other published papers of which they have personal knowledge.
  6. Reviewers should not review manuscripts in which they have a conflict of interest arising from competitive, collaborative, or other relationships or connections with any authors, companies, or institutions connected to the paper.

Editor's Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The editor is responsible for the content and overall quality of the publication.
  2. The editor is responsible for deciding which articles should be published based on input from the results of reviews carried out by Bestari partners. Editors can consult with review partners in making this decision.
  3. Editors must have a clear picture of service funding sources.
  4. Editors should base their decisions on only one importance, originality, clarity, and relevance of the paper to the scope of the publication.
  5. The editor must maintain the confidentiality of reviewers.
  6. Editors must ensure that all dedication material they publish complies with internationally accepted ethical guidelines.
  7. Editors must not allow conflicts of interest between staff, authors, reviewers and members of the editorial board.

Duties and Responsibilities of Bestari Partners

  1. Receive an assignment from the editor to review written work and submit the results of the review to the editor, as material for determining the suitability of a written work for publication.
  2. Reviewers may not carry out reviews of written works that involve themselves, either directly or indirectly.
  3. Maintain the author's privacy by not disseminating the results of corrections, suggestions and recommendations by providing criticism, suggestions, input and recommendations.
  4. Encourage authors/writers to make improvements to written work.
  5. Review written work that has been corrected according to predetermined standards.
  6. Written works are reviewed in a timely manner according to the style of the publication environment based on scientific principles (data collection methods, legality of authors, conclusions, etc.).