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The Development Program of Village (PPDM) is an activity funded by the Ministry of Education
and Technology's 2018 budget year, which aims to improve the economy of the community
through superior programs that have been agreed upon. The problems faced by the Keera
government in the field of fisheries are: (1). Mining and seaweed business are still virtually free
and have not fully implemented modern technology, (2). The position is that the producer of the
commodity whose tendencies are lower and has less engineering than the outside product, so that
there is no ability to absorb energy and consumers, (4). The farm products produced generally
have not yet fulfilled the quality, (5). The market of producers is still a long stretch of consumer
and non-transparency, which is the difference between prices of very large prices which are
received by farms / producers with prices that are paid mainly for products of a Muslim nature, (6).
Increased levels of disturbance of organisms in farms and culture and seaweed, (7). Not yet the use
of waste from the roots and seaweed, and (7). Not yet related to both the fish and the world of
business. The method of executing the start with the activities of the Socialization of the PPDM
Program in the meetings of the Keera Village which was attended by partners, the government of
Keera District represented by the Secretary of the Sub-District, The head of Keera village, the
village facilitator and fishermen. The socialization objectives are (1) Explain what will be done by
the PPDM team as well as the error in terms of increasing production partners, (2) Inventory the
analysis that will be given to the owner of the needs. The first year provides training and
supporting equipment production partners, conducts training in other fields; Training of seaweed
manufacture, grass grazing, seaweed screw, lawn juice, and sea grass grass while the equipment
we provide partners to support production activities namely, spinner, freezer, gas stove, printer
cake, mixer, display etc., each of these equipment.

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Diversification, Seaweed

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Sulawesi Selatan

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33096/balireso.v4i1.99


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