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Squid attractor in the watershas a role as an artificial reef, as a squid collector, and as a squid
habitat to lay their eggs. It is therefore, the settlement of the squid attractor in a waters region will
create a unique underwater view, which are a layer of squid eggs bed. Additonally, the squid
attractor can also to be a nursery habitat and at the endit can be developed to be a potencial fishing
ground.The problems are facing by partner groups (group Nelayan Mandiri and group Nelayan
Sejahtera Bersama) are: 1) problems in production and 2) problems in business management. For
producion problems they result in low production and influence the selling price linearly.
Whereas, the poor business management will hamperthe production system and will reduce the
profit of fishermen group.The purpose of the program of the IbM kelompok nelayan cumi-cumi di
Kota Makassaris to provide counseling and demo to the partner groups in order to improve their
productionand to increase their welfare. The approach methods applied in solving the agreed
priority problems of the partners duringthe realization of the program IbM program is to implemen
demonstration system as well as counseling method. There are two selected partner groups,
namelyNelayan MandiriGroup and Nelayan Sejahtera BersamaGroup.The group selection was
based on purposive sampling by the facts that both groups have potential good product and market.
From the 5 trips trial on the squid attractor, it was found the total catch of squid was in the range of
10,8 – 11,2 kg on average.

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attractor, production, squid, Makassar City

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