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Veteran farmer groups and is a Veteran Youth vegetable farmer groups residing in the Village
Pattapang, District High Muzzle, Gowa, South Sulawesi. Vegetables grown are cabbage, carrots,
potatoes, onion leaves, cabbage, tomatoes, and squash. Land is located on land owned by farmers
with a fairly steep slope so prone to erosion. Cultivation of vegetables is done conventionally by
utilizing manure and inorganic fertilizer. Soil cultivation is done in the direction of the slope. Was
based on the observance of watering, weed control, disease and pest control, but there has not been
optimal production. Some of the problems encountered in the cultivation of vegetables is the
magnitude and does not utilize organic materials in situ, where the organic material produced is
burned. Implementation activities undertaken by the team Ipteks form of counseling, training,
demonstration plots, and outreach. Materials science and technology as the solution of these
problems is the processing of organic materials into bokhasi, conservation tillage, and cultivation
of vegetables, especially potatoes technology. This activity received a positive response from
members of farmer groups, due to significantly improve productivity and lower production costs.
This becomes a strong motivation for participants to apply the knowledge and technology in
sustainability efforts.

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armers group, vegetable cultivation, education, training.

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