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Catfish is a kind of fish that many found in Tempe lake of Wajo district, it contains a lot of
protein, so it helps in the growth process of children’s brains, besides catfish extract can function
as healing after surgery. Based on discussions with 2 partners, we can conclude some problems
faced and the soon to be overcome so that the product can compete with other products, problems
can be described as follows: (1) the use of fish flesh processing tool (shredded fish) so that product
quality is better and durable, (2) the problem of product diversification from catfish raw material,
(3) training on a simple on-line marketing (creating a Blog) and the manufacture of good
packaging, (4) the problem of management that is the increasing of ability to manage business and
improvement of accounting and financial administration. Target and outcome expected are: (1) the
making of shredded fish, fish gell more hygiene, tasty and durable, (2) introduce and provide
spinner, fish mixer that serve to help separate oil from fish flesh so shredded and fish gell be tasty,
crunchy and durable without preservatives (3) the products can be brand market in Wajo district
and able to compete in AFTA era, (4) cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship to all members, (5)
introduce a new product that had not yet made by 2 (two) partners such as catfish otak-otak and
catfish gellfish, (6) the transfer of technology in oil separating process of fish flesh and fish flesh
mixing with ingredient so that the efficiency and effectiveness of product, (7) increased knowledge
about good marketing management so intertwined cooperation with retail or merchant, and (8)
online marketing through blog “UD RATU SENGKANG SULSEL” as an online marketing
medium. To achieve all targets and outcomes, the team conducted a variety of activities, includes
socialization ibM activites, gives latest technology, provides training on making shredded fish,
kaki naga and fish nuggets, develop entrepreneurship, and provide guidance on production and
marketing management.

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