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The village of Borisallo is a Development Partner Village of UMI in Gowa Regency. One of the
educational facilities is SD Inpres Borisallo where a school is a place of learning that can be a
threat of disease transmission if it is not managed properly. Problems with children's health
behavior are usually related to personal and environmental hygiene. By that, the planting of values
of health behavior in elementary schools is an absolute necessity and an effort to realize "Healthy
and Independent Community" as contained in the health profile of Gowa Regency. As for students
in SD Inpres Borisallo as many as 102 children with 9 teaching staff. Ideally, the health of
elementary school children is monitored by UKS, but due to various limitations, the role of the
UKS SD Inpres Borisallo has not been implemented optimally and there is no special hand
washing place for students. The target to be achieved is to increase students' knowledge,
awareness, willingness and ability to live clean and healthy lives, and be expected to play an active
role in realizing optimal health degrees, instilling clean and healthy behavioral values (PHBS),
improving the practice of handwashing with soap true and became a habit in the daily lives of SD
Inpres Borisallo students. The approach taken to achieve the target is to provide clean and healthy
life behavior counseling (PHBS) and socialization of how to wash hands with soap properly and
correctly, procure posters on how to wash hands and procure water tap pipe installation
infrastructure for hand washing needs in SD Inpres Borisallo students.


PHBS; SD Inpres Borisallo; Kecamatan Parangloe


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